Dear friends, we appreciate your interest in joining hands with Suhrid Foundation. There are various ways in which you can participate in the cause – navigate based on the tabs below for the area in which you can contribute.

Create the awareness

In today’s time, we understand that some of you may not be able to devote much time or physical effort towards day to day running of the foundation activities, but are still keen in helping Suhrid Foundation in some way or the other. In such cases, we feel that you can pitch-in not only with your  financial help, but also with the resources which are at your disposal – such as qualitative suggestions to improve the working of the foundation, any form technical help, manpower, utilization of your contacts for furthering the activities of the foundation and involving more people from the society etc.

You may also appreciate that such initiative cannot proceed without active participation of the community. Apart from the financial help, we would like the members to come out with more ideas for increasing the level of participation of the community, bringing in more members who can participate in their own capacity, outlining steps for more organizational and corporate support, increasing awareness among the friends and family using our facebook page


There are numerous opportunities to volunteer. Depending upon the time, area of expertise, multiple options can be discussed.

  • We arrange health check-up camps in remote tribal areas (within 120 kms of Mumbai) where healthcare facilities are not easily available.
  • We visit cancer pediatric hospital in Ahmedabad for various activities such as distribution of clothes, protein powder, toys etc. We plan to have entertainment activities for children undergoing very painful cancer treatment.
  • We support schools in various ways – infrastructure, healthcare, improvement in nutritional support.

Such activities require lot of administrative support. Volunteering support – along with family/friends can always be encouraging. We believe participating in such activities build our bonds much stronger amongst ourselves.


If you cannot participate in any of the activities mentioned earlier, you can help by providing financial helping hand. Donation can be one-time or annual donation or it can be in the form of participation in any of the projects which we have undertaken or plan to undertake. Please click here for more details on various projects. You can also check out our immediate requirements and see if you can be of any help addressing those.