Janathepada – Yoga for teachers

Janathepada – Yoga for teachers

Suhrid foundation conducts various types of training program for the teachers, which can benefit and the same benefits can be passed on the students as well. We had conducted preliminary Yoga camp for the teachers in last academic session. We had a follow up camp on 28th Jan 2017 at Janathepada.  Before the camp, we decided to spend time with Janathepada students.

We had started our students related activities with Janathepada. Apart from having a special feel for the school, we have been able to observe the growth of the kids from 1st standard to 5th standard at the same place. After the launch of water project, the school has overhead tank and running tap water. Similarly, with the help of Bajaj Electricals, we have been able to have Bajaj Fans, Tube Lights and Water purifier, which makes school quite superior and self-content in terms of the facilities. The effect of Suhrid foundation was seen in every event. Kids read out some stories from the books, donated by Suhrid foundation. At the same time, we could see kids enjoying Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Cricket and other games, which were provided by Suhrid foundations. Except for the first standard kids, almost all the kids have started riding cycles. They follow exceptional discipline and 4 cycles are easily shared by 30 kids. The teacher is extremely progressive and has ensured that all the kids have Adhaar card. The digital wave has created better results in these schools as compared to the city schools. The record of kid’s birth is maintained electronically. Kids stay at the school, bank details and transfer activities are handled electronically.  This school is considered as a model school amongst the 16 schools in the cluster.

Yoga session started with the revision of certain basics. This was followed by stretching and the exercises in standing, sitting and lying down position.  While most of the teachers are quite young, they have not developed the required flexibility. Yoga instructor also explained the way they can overcome the back pain due to incorrect posture or excessive driving of two wheeler on uneven surfaces. While Yoga – per se – covers much more than asans and pranayam, the session was focused on the physical aspects and pranayam.  We would have similar sessions in future.

We are planning our next medical camp in the month of March, wherein 700 kids would go through medical tests and the new comers would have to take blood test.

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