Vikramgad – School Furniture Distribution

Vikramgad – School Furniture Distribution

As a part of our commitment to support schools, one of the important focus was on making the school environment cleaner. This was decided to be done by providing some of the basic infrastructure support such as tables, cupboards, dustbins, bookshelves etc.

In the month of February, Tata Consultancy Services and few of the individual donors pledged to provide support by way of donating furniture, bicycles, etc.

The material was shifted on 28th February 2015 from Thane in two pick-up trucks. Those were loaded from two TCS warehouses and also locations . Following furniture was delivered to different schools:

School Furniture provided
Kaspada 1 Bicycle + 2 Tables + 1 Chair + 1 Mirror
Nandelpada  1 Bicycle + 1 Table + 1 Chair + 1 Mirror
Talyachapada  1 Bicycle + 1 Table + 1 Cupboard + 1 Mirror
Bahirampada 1 TV  + 1 Table + 1 Chair
Toplepada  1 Bicycle + 1 Table + 1 Cupboard + 1 Mirror
Palavpada  2 Tables + 1 Chair
Janathepada 1 Table
Palavpada Anantpur  1 Bicycle + 1 Tables + 1 Chair
Khandeghar  1 Bicycle + 1 Table + 1 Cupboard
Guravpada  1 Bicycle + 1 Table + 1 Chair


Early in the month of February, we had got few children for advanced medical check-up which included 5 children for eye check-up. It was noted that there are children who have developed refraction error (glasses) which either was not noted in eye camp which we had conducted over a year back. In addition, there were new students which also need to be checked up. To short-list children with eye problem, Team Suhrid provided all the schools with charts used for eye checkup. These charts would be used by teachers to identify children with reading problem and those identified children would be specifically taken for further checkup.

A meeting was taken with teachers to explain the usage of the chart and process which is required to be followed.

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