Talyachapada, Kaspada School Visit & Dental Hygiene

Talyachapada, Kaspada School Visit & Dental Hygiene

The new academic session for our schools started on 15th June, 2017.  Teachers completed the formalities of registering the new students within a week. We had our first visit of the year on 24th June 2017.  First visit has lot of importance since it sets the tone for the entire year. Though the Monsoon had arrived in the western Maharashtra by mid-June, there was hardly any rain fail during this period. The biggest rainfall happened on the day, we visited the school, which made the trip all the more enjoyable.

We visited Talyachapada and Kaspada before gathering for the common meeting of teachers. We had started the initiative related to Oral hygiene last year.  We used to distribute toothbrush to each kid, but they used to share common toothpaste initially. After seeing very good results from this exercise, we decided to give toothpaste to each kid, which would help him brush the teeth at home as well.

We sanctioned two water projects, which can kick off soon. We would cover Talyachapada and Palavpada soon. A big infrastructure related project is to kick off at Kaspada in this year. Many schools need cupboards and tables. We had already given the slates and Ankalipi for each kid before the end of academic year. The kids were pleasantly surprised to have the same right on the first day of the school.

We distributed the regular medicines for the first aid box and the ones specific to the rainy season. Our next step would be to distribute the ties/belts/handkerchief and ID card holders. Each school would soon get their quota of new books for their libraries.

Parents did show lot of improvement and understanding towards their kids’ education. However, still a lot to be done in that area.  A small girl, who was in bad shape when we started the initiative in her schools, showed tremendous improvement in her health, conduct and overall behavior.  However, her parents decided to discontinue her education after 5th since they might have to spend 10 Rs odd per day for her travel to different school and probably a bit more towards her dress. Suhrid foundation would make her arrangement to stay in Dadade Ashram Shala, which offers accommodation as well, apart from taking care of food and health. We would also help her monetarily to whatever extent possible. The reason for bringing out this case specifically is that we would be working a lot on the kids, who move out of our schools and still want to go for better education.



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