Samvahan Healing for Suhrid Foundation Kids

Samvahan Healing for Suhrid Foundation Kids

Samvahan is an ancient method of balancing the natural healing rhythms of your body. It is a gentle massage-like treatment that physically amplifies the internal vibrations that drive your health. It is soothing, musical, and meditative.

Michael Trembath, a Samvahan expert from Australia, was in India and obliged to visit schools of Suhrid Foundation. Kids from our school was given meditative healing by Michael. He lead guided medication for kids, made kids learn how to nurture their dreams and how to work towards that.

Michael also saw few chronically ill children of the village. With Samvahan technique, he checked patients for their internal vibrations and energy flows and advised doctor of Suhrid Foundation for further treatment and possible course of action for some of them. Our children got beautiful guidance and blessings from Michael and his Guru, Shri Ram Bhosale. We thank Michael for his visit to our school.

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