Bahirampada-Guravpada Parents Meeting

Bahirampada-Guravpada Parents Meeting

The visit on 14th Feb was quite eventful in more than one ways. The primary objectives were to conduct a parents meeting at Bahirampada/ Guravpada, Kick off water project at Arvind Ashram Shala, Dadade, review of water project at Janathepada, Distribution of the spectacles and training on the eye test.

Parents meeting at Guravpada and Bahirampada

The response at both the places was overwhelming. We could observe at least 50% increase in the attendance of parents. Moreover, the key persons from the villages were present for the event. The main teachers updated the audience on the activities carried out by Suhrid foundation since the start. Parents did acknowledge the changes, which they have observed in last 18 months. Their primary demand was around having a permanent health center in their area and availability of the computer. We reemphasized the importance of nutritious food, good hygiene and grooming, periodic health checkup,  importance of drinking purified water at the regular interval, cleanliness and support to the schools. All the talented kids (Winners in Drawing competitions, scholarships, sports) etc were distributed the prizes in the presence of their parents.


Visit to Janathepada

The water project at Janathepada was over within two to three weeks. They are able to get flowing water in basins, kitchen and at toilets. We have also provided water purifier, which would be operational very soon.

In the earlier report, we had mentioned that it is very important to identify the kids with eye problems. As per the experts, the kids with eye problems in these villages, don’t get timely attention, which results in permanent loss of full/partial vision. During the big camps or visit to doctors, the kids – at times – are not able to respond properly. Hence, it is challenging to understand the real situation. Hence, we decided to provide simple vision chart in  Marathi. These charts would be available at the schools. We trained the teachers on the eye test, which can be used as the basic screening. We would be able identify at least 90% of the kids with the vision problem with this test. The kids would be able to respond comfortably to their teachers and teachers can conduct the repeat of the test to ascertain the correct finding. We had carried glasses for 4 kids. One of the kids had very high myopia. He was not able to read beyond the 2nd line. He was able to go to 7th line with the glasses. This was demonstrated in front of the teachers and the entire class.  The exercise of primary eye screening would be done across all the schools in next two weeks.


Launch of Water Project at Arvind Ashram Shala, Dadade

As of now, we take care of health related issues of 350 girls at Arvind Ashrama Shala. With the help of another charity organization, they were able to build toilets for 1200 odd kids. However, they did not have provision for the flowing water. Team Suhrid sponsored the project, wherein they would have facility to automatically extract, store and distribute the water. The project is expected to be completed in next 3 weeks.

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