Kaspada Adults Medical Camp

Kaspada Adults Medical Camp

Team Suhrid started its health related initiatives way back in Oct, 2012 with an adult camp at Khand (Vikramgadh).  The objective was to get the full understanding of social as well as medical issues. This was followed up with another camp in Bahirampada, wherein we even added Ophthalmic tests as part of the overall camp. Though the response in the camp was quite overwhelming, we had challenges in the subsequent follow up. Probably, the villagers has attended the camp with the understanding that it would be one-stop-solution for all their ailments. They were not used to maintaining the patience for the entire treatment. We decided to focus on the kids, who were under the supervision of the teachers after that. Since then we have been taking care of almost all the aspects of the kids from 11 schools around Vikramgadh area.  As a part of our visits, post Diwali sessions are spent in parents meeting, wherein we get the feedback from the parents about the effectiveness of our presence in the lives of their kids. We have built up good rapport with them over these last four years.

Our long term aim is to have our own primary health care center there. Hence, we had to revive our original objective of adult health care.  To have better control this time, we decided to take Kaspada as the model village for that. We already had lot of interactions with them during the course school related work, building of dam or parents meeting.  Hence, we decided to conduct an adult camp on 10th of Dec, 2016.  It was a bit challenging for the elders to attend that since this was the peak of harvesting. Despite of that 127 members turned up for their health checkup. Constant interaction over  last few years, helped them open up about the medical issues.  The key issues can be summarized as:

  • Joint problems – Almost all
  • Constant stomach pain
  • Constant Headache
  • Breathing issues
  • Tiredness and depression
  • Cataract and similar eye problems

As a part of their CSR activities, Bajaj Electricals decided to donate some of their products to the schools. They decided to donate fans, tubelights, Water purifiers and bulbs.  They made the arrangement for packing, transporting and delivering this to each and every school on the camp day. Bajaj Electricals Executive joined us with their family to have a glimpse at the way, we carry out our activities. They ended up becoming active volunteers and got a very good insight into the lives of the villagers! We would like to express our gratitude to Bajaj Electricals family for such a kind gesture.

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