Khandeghar-Toplepada Parents Meeting

Khandeghar-Toplepada Parents Meeting

Team Suhrid visited Khandeghar and Toplepada on 9th Jan 2016 to have the annual parents meet.

Both the schools are similar in terms of size, but are quite contrast when it comes to environment.  Toplepada villagers were quite actively involved in the school related activities and used to provide all the support. Though, the support at Khandeghar was there, the parents’ involvement in Khandeghar  needed some improvement until last year.

Khandeghar school has good infrastructure in terms of classrooms. However, in the absence of fencing, the overall appearance was not appealing. Moreover, teachers did not have opportunity to make the surroundings beautiful due to contact encroachment of the animals.  We approved a project, wherein they built up the school fencing.   For the first time, villagers got involved in the activity and ensured that we spend only on the material and not on the labor. In this bargain, they worked closely with the teachers and realized the contribution of Suhrid Foundation.  They were eagerly waiting for us in this visit. They not only  listened us with full attention but expressed their opinion. They assured us that their involvement would be much more and they would help us in becoming school even better. We promised them to have the water Project completed in this academic year.  We distributed variety of sports items to the kids.

Toplepada is another small school with 45 students. We have also included the 25 kids from Toplepada Anganwadi in our healthy nutrition project.  Knowledgeable and alert parents and hard working teachers made our job much simple.  Almost all the projects were running smoothly at Toplepada.  Parents were happy with support they received on school and also advanced treatment for their children. One of the parent requested for support of their child in further education and admission at any of the residential schools.

The common points, which were communicated in both the meetings and agreed by the parents are:

  • Attendance is close to 100% since Suhrid Foundation started supporting
  • Skin related problems are reduced due to adequate water consumption
  • Kids – who went through – advanced treatment are benefited immensely
  • Kids have started performing well in the outdoor sports. Better nutrition has helped them gain better strength and stamina
  • Kids are well groomed now. They trim their nails, bath daily, oil the hair and drink plenty of water.

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