Janathepada-Guravapada School Visit and JP Anganwadi Checkup

Janathepada-Guravapada School Visit and JP Anganwadi Checkup

We had our second visit of this season on 8th July, 2017. We decided to cover Guravpada and Janathepada.  We also had medical checkup for the Janathepada Anganwadi children.

While the seniors kids were extremely happy to host us, the curiosity on the faces of first standard kids was quite evident. Since Suhrid foundation started handling these schools, the parents have shown more interest in sending their kids to the schools.  Apart from distributing the goodies and medicines, we also handed over color books/crayons and zig-saw puzzles to the kids. By the end of our visit, even the first standard kids became extremely free with us.

Guravpada school is blessed in one sense that the kids from many padas come to the school and they have three teachers to manage the classes. However, it does not have good infrastructure. They don’t get adequate support in maintaining the school in proper way. We need to take additional effort to connect with the villages and channelize their energy in the welfare of the school.

Unlike Guravpada, Janathepada has far better infrastructure, but is surrounded by many schools. Hence, we have not got more than 30 to 35 kids across all the five classes in last 4-5 years. Teachers showed us various innovative techniques, which he adopts to teach mathematics. This school holds a special place in our heart since this was our starting point.  During our last visit to Vikramgadh,  our janathepada teacher narrated the story about Alka, who was in class 5th last year. Her parents had neglected the kids all through. However, Alka grew in confidence over a period after the entry of Suhrid foundation. After 5th standard, she was expected to go to different school. Her parents refused to even shell out 5 to 7 Rs per day towards her travel. They also refused to spend money towards her dresses. The teacher was able to convince parents to send her to the nearest school and we provided financial help to buy umbrella, clothes, bags etc. We also provided clothes which can last for long.  The reason for highlighting this event is that Suhrid Foundation would also be focusing on ensuring the support to the kids even after they leave our schools. We want to ensure that they get adequate education and vocational training to become confident and responsible persons.

We had a medial checkup at Janathepada Anganwadi.  They seem to have come up with new anganwadi setup. However, the current one is far below par the standard.  It is quite difficult to have good hygiene and healthy environment. Apart from conducting the medical camp, we distributed protein powder, toys and clothes.

Team Suhrid would sponsor Mango saplings (grown and maintained at Gujarat border) for Kaspada Villagers in future. We also have worked out the water projects, which would be launched in two schools.  Our next visit would involve medical camp at Palavpada and distribution of books to each school for their school library.

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