All school tetanus camp – Jan 17

All school tetanus camp – Jan 17

Suhrid Foundation conducted camp on 7th Jan 2017 to give tetanus to children who were due in our regular annual calendar. Tetanus is required to be administered every 3 years.

Our children play in dirt, mud, at times barefoot, get wounded while playing. The bacteria that cause tetanus infect humans by entering the body through cuts or wounds, particularly when the wound area is dirty. Animal bites, burns, and non-sterile injection of drugs can also lead to infection. Tetanus helps our kids to overcome the risk of this infection.

As per our records maintained for all 750 kids, this was required for 418 children. Some newly entered and some who were getting it as a repeat booster after 3 years. Team of doctors along with volunteers split into two teams and went around in all our schools. Teachers and children supported the camp well. Out of 418, almost 90 children were absent and could only be given to approx 310 children. The left overs would be done during the six-monthly camp to be conducted in Feb-end or March.

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