Bahirampada-Palavpada Medical Camp-Phase 2

Bahirampada-Palavpada Medical Camp-Phase 2

We generally conduct our second leg of the camps in the month of February. This time around, we decided to conduct the medical camp during the normal visit in the month of January for certain schools. In this manner, we can avoid the kids traveling to different venue and we can get parents’ participation in certain cases. We decided to cover Bahirampada and Palavpada on 6th of Jan 2018.

We had started our associations with the schools in Oct 2012 with Janathepada. After carrying our certain projects there, we expanded to other schools. Bahirampada was number 2 in the chronological order.  This school has very good infrastructure. Moreover, the head of the village has strong belief in Suhrid foundation and its activities. However, the awareness and alignment of the parents is still missing.  Parents have still not learnt to maintain the hygiene or realized the importance of kids drinking ample water. We could see that the impact of cold was very high, wherein almost 90% of the kids had some issues or other. They had developed skin related problems as well. While all the other schools have shown one direction growth, this school has demonstrated many ups and downs. We would have to work much harder with the teacher and parents to get the school at par with others. Apart from the health related negligence, the overall improvement in terms of their reading, writing or speaking skill was much below the mark.

Palavpada school did not have much of an identity to start with. There is another school called Palavpada Anantpur, which can accommodate kids upto class 7th in the vicinity. Hence, the very few parents were interested in having kids in Palavpada to start with. However, due to the support from Suhrid Foundation and with the effort of the sincere teachers, we could see good growth in terms of number as well as quality. We could see very good hygiene and cleanliness. Kids  opened up fast and communicated well.  While the core problem related to cold existed here as well. However, overall health index was much better.

During rainy season, we had sponsored the repair of the kitchen roof. Subsequently, we also sponsored the water project, wherein the water would be lifted and stored in a storage tank with the help of motor operated submersible pump. This project is complete now.

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