New School Support – Maan Ashram Shala

New School Support – Maan Ashram Shala

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Maan Ashram Shala at Vikramgadh has been in existence for last five decades. It is rated as one of the best maintained Ashram Shala in the region. It has 625 students till class 10th. Out of which, 425 are residents. Living conditions are much better than the other schools. Kids get three meals a day including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. While they do get support in terms of the clothes, stationery, infrastructure etc, they don’t have regular medical support and hence Suhrid Foundation decided to support this school for health.

It was the day of the heaviest rainfalls in Mumbai area. Most of the Vikramgadh was flooded. Despite of that spirited team of Suhrid foundation reached Ashram Shala at around 1130 pm. We were to examine 325 girls.  However, we ended up examining another 50 boys, who had developed seasonal problems. Majority of the girls had issues related to cough and cold, fever, skin rashes etc. Senior girls discussed specific issues related to transition with the doctors.

We did distribute sufficient amount of medicines and identified a few kids for the advanced treatment. It was realized that while these kind of camps can help in addressing some issues, periodic medical attention is very essential. Expecting that from private practitioners is not practical. If the educational department has a formal tie up with the health department to make it a formal process for the government run medical colleges, it would bring lot of changes.

While overall hygiene of children was seen good, because of the continuous rain in that period, almost 40-50% kids had illness related to cold, cough, fever and rashes. We are glad that in spite of heavy rains we decided to continue with this camp and could address the illnesses of the kids immediately.

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