Gurav Pada – New School Inclusion

Gurav Pada – New School Inclusion

During the visit of 03-Aug-13, Team Suhrid visited all the existing schools for review of the initiatives started at those schools. The visit also had a special purpose of visiting one new school from the region.

Gurav Pada  is a school which is included in the list of supported schools by Suhrid Foundation. Team Suhrid visited the school, met with students and teachers. School kids had waited post their regular school to to welcome Team Suhrid. Kids were given games by Team Suhrid.With inclusion of this school, count of schools supported by Suhrid Foundation reaches to 5 and number of students reaching 350!

School has 5 classes (1st to 5th) and 110 students from 10 nearby hamlets/villages are managed by 3 teachers. More details of the school on the school page. It is planned to kick-off other projects of Suhrid Foundation (nutrition project – SUN, health camps in the village) in this school in coming months.


Some pictures of Team Suhrid during the visit to other schools – Palav Pada (Anantpur), Palav Pada and Bahiram Pada.

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