In our initiatives, we are looking forward to work in certain areas where we need some immediate support. Here are few of our immediate and urgent requirements. Do read, revert, act and spread on the message to your friends, relatives and colleagues if you think they also can join this initiative.

Project School
In our drive towards supporting schools from Vikramgadh regions, there are areas which requires support for improvement of the schools. This includes, following:

  • Computers/Laptops and peripherals-  Two computers/laptops, one projector and one printer. We wish to provide helping hand to teachers from school in Janathepada in teaching kids in innovative manner using latest technology and tools. 
  • Gate for the school – currently school does not have a proper gate made of iron. School staff uses a make-shift gate made with bamboo-mesh which servers the purpose, but is not secure enough. 
  • Retaining wall – two one school requires to have a retaining wall in its backyard.  Due to rains, the ground behind the school is getting washed out to a relatively lower-level adjacent farm. Retaining wall would prevent any damage to foundation of the school buildings.
  • Books- Additional books (learning and story books) in Marathi and very simple English would be helpful to get kids more interested in learning. 
  • Kids in the villages move around without any footwear. Any small cuts or wound in the sole can result into infection of worms getting into body. Team Suhrid wishes to supply simple footwear (floaters) to currently supported 8 school children i.e. 510 kids.

In addition to this, there are following requirements for the foundation activities:

  • Printing support: or linkages with printing companies for regular operation printing needs – for printing stationery (brochures, envelopes etc), flex banners, different forms (required in medical camps), printing t-shirts etc.
  • One computer – our Ahmedabad office requires a good mid-range computer for maintaining accounts, data collection/record maintenance, inter-office communication, etc.

For further details do get in touch with us:

Tel:       098212 39737, 098700 54772, 099798 89539
Add:       D/704, Panchsheel Heights, Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali (W), Mumbai 400067.