Dear friends and well-wishers of Suhrid Foundation,


As we move into year 2013, we are grateful to you for your support in year 2012. We wish you a very happy New Year and hope to see the same encouraging and enthusiastic support.

In last 6 months, with your support, we could support kids of retinoblastoma (eye cancer) – with medical, financial and moral support in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We could start our operations in an adivasi region of rural Thane (Vikramgadh area), Maharashtra. On the medical side, we worked on arranging camps, providing free medicines to them. We also initiated work in the field of education with your support. We worked closely with one school. We supported them with educational aids such as computers, educational CDs, books etc. We provided some infrastructure help such building a strong iron gate to the building, play-ground equipment like swing etc.

We ended year 2012 with a small event – giving joy/happiness to children in pediatrics cancer hospital in Ahmedabad by bringing-in Santa – loaded with gifts, fun and laughter.

In coming year, the focus area for us would be:

  • Arranging specialized camps (such eye-camp, dental check-up camp)
  • Health-awareness workshop (educating local people to improve on their health with existing, locally available resources)
  • Bring-in more villages in the region and more schools under the support purview
  • Education focus:
    • Provide school aids to school children – such as school bags, reading books, uniforms, etc.
    • Encourage students to participate in more interactive/communicative activities such as performances, paintings, games etc
    • Work with school authorities to improve on nutritional value of their mid-day meals

The financial and moral support you have provided us with so far, goes a really a long-long way in above areas and works as miracle to their lives. We feel good when we are in the village and people come over to tell us that they felt very good after taking the medicines and taking our guidance on good health. We feel great when we see smiles on the faces of school kids when we visit them. The credit of the smile on their faces goes to you – for your unconditional and trusting support.

Rest assured that we make the best use of your resources in a way it brings maximum impact to the children and communities we serve.

thanks and best regards,
Team Suhrid.