Suhrid Foundation started with intention of providing support to under-privileged children in the field of healthcare. Healthcare support is the first interaction with any region Suhrid Foundation works. The first medical survey of the region is mainly done using a medical camp for entire region and followed by regular follow-up camps, subsequent procedures such as investigative tests or operations for required patients. Local leaders (such as Sarpanch, Police Patil) and school teachers from the region play a key role and provide very important support for logistics and coordination.

Suhrid Foundation has focused medical activity in different areas as given below. Long term vision of Suhrid Foundation is to have its own primary healthcare center in the region which can support the community on a sustainable basis.

Medical Camps

This is one of the key activity when Suhrid Foundation initiates working with any of the new village. This helps understand health problems in the region. After initial camp, multiple follow-up camps arranged so that patients can see sustainable improvement in their health. Camps include free check-up and medicines.

Advanced Medical Support

Some of the people identified with specific illness may have to undergo investigative tests and/or operational procedure. Suhrid Foundation provide financial, physical, moral and logistic support/guidance to patients in undergoing the same.

Cancer Support

In a specific initiative at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Suhrid Foundation works with Pediatric Cancer hospital. Suhrid Foundation provides moral and financial support to small kids undergoing cancer treatment – especially eye-cancer. Support also include arranging small events to ensure that children and their families find reasons to smile during this stressful period. We also provide them with protein supplements which helps reduce impact of chemotherapy on normal body cells.

Nutritional Support

Suhrid Foundation undertook a nutrition project name SUN with a view that children should get required nutrients through regular diet than by way of medicines. This is done by way of enriching the existing daily mid-day meal in schools to fight malnutrition in the villages.

Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna Prashan – An Ayurvedic form of immunization for children. Suhrid Foundation initiated this important way of immunization for children under the age of 6. Currently this is offered only in Mumbai on no-profit/no-loss basis. Click here for more details on Suvarna Prashan.