June 2012

Dear friends,

Though, the conception of foundation happened much earlier in the activities of founder members, Suhrid Foundation – was formally registered on 12th Apr 2012.

We started raising funds with help of friends like you in the month of May and June 2012. The response we have got was overwhelming and encouraging. We are very thankful to you for same and are sure that we can bank on you for such support in the future as well.

Last week we have also formally registered our organization with Civil Hospital of Ahmedabad as a supporting NGO. In our work towards the cause of retinoblastoma, we had also worked with doctors in ophthalmology department of Civil Hospital at Ahmedabad to understand what can reduce the pain of kids undergoing the treatment. Chemo-therapy is a very strong treatment – while working on cancer cells, it impacts the normal cells in the body too. Due to this, the patients require nutritive (high protein) diet for helping regenerate the cells and thereby reduce the side effects of the therapy. This month, we are distributing protein powder as food supplement to kids who cannot afford to have rich protein food.

Retinoblastoma primarily impacts kids under the age of 6. You may want to read more information on retinoblastoma in the link provided. We also recommend you watching one of the award winning Marathi movie “Shwaas” which has retinoblastoma as underlying theme for the movie. For those who do not understand Marathi, the CD/DVD is also available with English Subtitles.

We wish you a good monsoon season. Do enjoy the monsoon and also be safe.

Warm regards,
Team Suhrid