Suhrid Foundation have started activities in the field of education for underprivileged children and youth.

We believe that even if we want to address healthcare for children, there’s no better place to start than in the field of Education. Education is the means to a better life: meaning, it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and also increases awareness on other social issues including healthcare.

To start with, Suhrid Foundation’s educational initiatives include support for:

  • Aangan-wadi (pre-school 3-6 yrs)
  • Primary school (6-12 yrs)

Apart from helping to improve the educational system, Suhrid Foundation aims to use this as a channel to address the health related issues of the children. Suhrid Foundation would empower the teachers, who are the role models of the children, with not only the aid to improve the standard of the education but also introduce the basic concepts of proper hygiene, proper nutrition in their regular teaching with the help of qualified doctors and nutritionist.

In this process, it is important that we make their experience in pre -school and primary education a joy so that their interest in education is retained along with making strong foundation for moving to secondary school.

In the tribal region, which is left out from the main-stream from the perspective of its available facilities and services, it is essential that children are not left-out on health and education services. The same children are the future of our nation. For an emerging and developing country like India, development of underprivileged children (which incidentally is also a very large section) holds the key to the progress of the nation itself.

Suhrid Foundation is involved with the school in various activities such as:

Providing Educational Aids

Teachers from the school wished to use computers to enhance/ simplify the training ways. Suhrid Foundation provided with computer to the school. Suhrid Foundation has provided books to build libraries in each school. Other aids such as slates, Anklipi are provided to 1st-2nd standard children. Suhrid Foundation provides training to teachers on some of the specialized subjects such as Phonics so as to make their teaching easier.

Working with Health of the Children

Administering few regular medicines prescribed by our doctors (such as  medicines for worms) for well-being of children. Periodic checkup, blood reports, water purification system, providing footwear etc are the projects undertaken by Suhrid Foundation to work on health of the children.

Providing School Supplies and Infrastructure Support

Providing with some of the school supplies (such as school bags, water bottles, writing material, etc) and also providing support required with school infrastructure (such as school gate, children play-area, etc)


Within a short span of two year working in this region, Suhrid Foundation was supporting 10 school and 630 students. The map below shows the schools in Vikramgadh region supported by Suhrid Foundation. We plan to increase the schools in next academic/financial year 2015-16.

Please click on a particular school to go to the school pages.

Our Schools

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Bahirampada School: 19.818993, 73.026741
Janathepada School: 19.758570, 73.110006
Palavpada School: 19.856786, 73.027250
Palavpada - Anantpur School: 19.861778, 73.025238
Nandelpada School: 19.845688, 73.066957
Guravpada School: 19.792741, 73.075730
Kaspada School: 19.865002, 73.112964
Talyachapada School: 19.870395, 73.105755
Khandeghar School: 19.768183, 73.035091
Toplepada School: 19.799051, 73.121518