For first few years, Suhrid Foundation was not very active in the area of community support area. Only support provided was distribution of clothes to people who needed it.

In this, Suhrid Foundation volunteers collect used clothes (duly cleaned and packed) from their friends and family. The collection is sorted out by gender and age-group. The distribution is done with the help of local authorities (Sarpanch or Police Patil) to the needy people. More of such activities are planned in the future and associated people with Suhrid Foundations are requested to come forward to donate used clothes.

From year 2016 onward, Suhrid Foundation has expanded the community support in different areas such as – drinking water project, increasing employ-ability of youth and females to increase per-house income, etc. We took up a first project of water management by way of supporting building up of check dam on the rivers or tributary seasonal streams. The first such project was done at Kasapada in Vikramagad. Click on this link to read update on the same. We plan to build more such dams to support other villages too.