Khandeghar and Janathepada School Visits

Khandeghar and Janathepada School Visits

Initially, we had planned for medical camp and tetanus drive for Bahirampada and Palavpada on 28th July 2018. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, we had to postpone it. We decided to cover Khandeghar this time and launch the toilet related project Janathepada. We were accompanied by Rotary club Thane representatives as well.

It was quite an interesting session with Khandeghar kids, wherein kids entertained the visitors with their poems, stories .. We could see good growth of the school in terms of the infrastructure. However, the villagers don’t seem to be in the frame of mind to take up the new projects. Their responses to the additional business through assembling the artificial jewelry, planting mango saplings or making a check dam for preserving the flowing water were not up to the mark. We may still focus on the improvement of the school.

Rotary club team validated the need of toilet at Janathepada and interacted with the students. As mentioned in the previous report, we decided to help 10th standard students with their studies. Eknath, partially handicapped due to inadequate polio treatment, has absolutely no family support. Moreover, due to continuous clashes within the home, he lost his focus from studies and decided to take care of the other siblings. We have taken the initiative of supporting Eknath and other 8 kids, wherein they would be given books, notebooks, money for bus pass and additional tuition.  It is very evident that in the current educational policy, wherein the kids are allowed to complete 8th standard without any proper exam, has resulted in very low quality students, who cant have basic reading and writing skills as well. Even if they manage to get passing marks in the 10th standard, they would not be able to cope up with the challenges in life. We would carry out this experiment and the results would be used in the future wherein we would be taking more and more students in our wings.

Rotary club distributed clothes, books, notebooks and sweets to the kids.

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