Toplepada-Janathepada Anganwadis

Toplepada-Janathepada Anganwadis

Team Suhrid visited Vikramgadh on 27-Jun-15. This was the first visit after the start of the academic session.  The schools start on 15th June  and the first two weeks are spent in the initial formalities viz new admissions etc.  We were pleasantly surprised to see almost 35% rise at the entry level (class 1st) this year. We had 119 kids in first standard last year and the number has already gone to 160. This ensured that our total count increases despite of the senior-most students from each school moving out.

Our visit was divided into three parts.

  • Visit to Toplepada
  • Visit to Janathepada
  • Common meeting with the teachers.

Visit to Toplepada

Though Toplepada was the last school to be included last year, the progress shown by this school is outstanding. Apart from the teachers, lot of credit goes to the locals, who supervise the activities at the school and provide all possible support to the school. With the same aid – as given to any other school by government – this school has created a better infrastructure. With the help of Suhrid Foundation, they covered a major part with the tiles (which used to get muddy during rains). Village committee sponsored a stage in their small premise, which would help teachers conduct lots of cultural programs.

We distributed a set of Marathi books, which had the collection of the best children stories – translated into Marathi –  from different parts of India. We also distributed the slates and books to the first standard kid as welcome kit.  Local patrons were present and appreciated the effort by Team Suhrid. As an environment initiative, team Suhrid, teachers, kids and the locals planted seeds of cashews, ber (Indian plum), tamarind etc.

Team Suhrid had decided to cover two anganwadis (playschools) in this academic year. We started with the anganwadi at Toplepada. It has 25 kids from 3 to 6 years range. The in-charge is very dedicated and we were happy to see that kids were well dressed in their uniform and were disciplined. Madam used innovative ways to introduce them to alphabets, numbers, weather, discipline etc. Suhrid Foundation would reinforce their meals with fruits, jaggery, eggs and nuts. These kids would be part of our medical camps as well.

Visit to  Janathepada

Out of the ten schools, Janathepada is the oldest school. We started off with this school in Oct 2012 and launched many mini projects, which became the cornerstone for the subsequent initiatives. The kids, who had joined the school in that year, are the senior-most now. The most interesting part is that the kids, who left the school in 2013 April (first batch to leave after we started there) invariably attend all our visits without fail. With the support from Suhrid Foundation, this school has got one of the most beautiful campus in that region and is considered as the model school authorities. Apart from the main gate, swing, furniture etc, we also launched the water project last year, which ensures that they get flowing water in toilet, kitchen, wash basins and drip irrigation for plants in the school premise.

In Janathepada as well we distributed the slates and story books. We also included the Anganwadi from Janathepada under Suhrid Foundation support. They have currently 10 kids, who would get nutritious meals from us. We would also contribute towards other requirements in due course.

Common Meeting at Vikramgad

Our visits are generally concluded at Vikramgad, wherein we meet teachers from all the ten schools. The key points from the meeting were:

  • Distributed de-worming medicines to all the schools. This – being monsoon season and after prolonged vacation period – kids would have to take the same for first three months.
  • Refreshing stock of medicines for the first aid-box. It includes paracetamol, ointment for skin problems, medicines for cough/cold, antiseptic lotion, tablets for nausea/vomit or stomach ailments, cotton pads and band-aids etc.
  • Nandelpada and Toplepada have been identified for the pilot of plantation of medicinal plants at the larger scale.
  • Kaspada has been identified as the school for piloting solar project based electricity supply.
  • Team Suhrid would be launching project related to oral hygiene in all the schools from July 2015
  • Sanitation/water project would be executed in other 2-3 projects in next 6 months

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