TT Camp, KP Awards and GetTogether

TT Camp, KP Awards and GetTogether

Almost all the key members of Suhrid Foundation stay far away from the catchment area. While we keep visiting them every alternate week, the execution of the activities in health, education and environment related area is done by teachers. Apart from managing the regular school activities and personal priorities, they put in lot of effort towards the NGO related activities. As a token of gratitude, we have an annual get together to appreciate their contribution in the presence of their families. We decided to do that on 26th Jan at Amrai Resort Vikramgad.  We also completed pending Tetanus vaccination for three big schools. Once the tetanus is given, the kids are safe for at least three years.

We also had planned felicitation of the kids from Kaspada, who performed extremely well at the district level. There are around 1600 Zilla Parishad schools in Palghar district with almost 60000 kids in these school. Kaspada kid stood 1st in musical chair, 2nd in Langdi and 3rd  in speech competition.  Winning 3 medals at the district level was quite an achievement.

Our teacher started the preparation of Langdi from July itself, wherein the kids were identified and had to go through daily practice. They had to go through various exercise drills regularly. Suhrid Foundation sponsors the enrichment in the midday meals in all the ten schools. Their vitamin, protein and mineral intake went up, which showed in their stamina and speed. As the tournament neared, we provided them protein powder, glucose and additional material for boosting their health. They had to win at the center, beat, Taluka and finally district level. Despite of constant injuries to the kids, their motivation level was never low. The teacher managed it in extremely professional manner by creating backup for key players and  created a staff to support medically (water, glucose, pain killers and band-aid etc). He ensured that the next batch gets complete exposure to the tournament, which would help them next year. Once the team reaches to Taluka level, the teacher has option of getting the best players from different teams in his Taluka. However, our teacher decided to play the same team throughout. They lost in the final just at dying moment of the match but they won hearts of everyone.

Suhrid Foundation felicitated these kids by making them stand with their parents, while collecting their prizes. The support and encouragement from the village is outstanding. We are very sure that a few of these kids can reach to national level if we continue to groom.

We would be conducting the second set of medical camps in next two months, medical surgery for the Nystagmus child, promoting warli painting and executing a few infrastructure projects in coming months. Despite of above average rains this year, the villages have run out of water in January itself. We need to work with residents of some villages to make them realize the need of the check dams to avoid virtual drought next year.

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