Ahmedabad – Protein Powder Distribution and Painting Workshop

Ahmedabad – Protein Powder Distribution and Painting Workshop

Team Suhrid visited Pediatric Cancer ward of Civil Hospital. Children are being treated with chemotherapy and radio-therapy. To reduce the impact of very potent drug for the treatment of cancer, it is essential for children to have proportionately higher intake of protein.

In continuation of our initiative of distributing protein powder, team distributed tins of protein powder to around 50 patients admitted at that time.

Along with this, team also took additional step of ensuring that children are entertained while in the gloomy atmosphere of hospital. Volunteers took various material required for drawing/painting for giving to children. Color pencils, crayons, water colors along with appropriate drawing material was provided based on the age group of kids.

This is planned to be continued exercise, also to bring out emotions and in-turn talent of the children. Once we get some good piece of art, we intend to publish it in the form of greeting cards or sell those paintings, if possible (needless to say, by giving due commercial consideration to the child artist).


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