Bicycles for all schools – Dec 16

Bicycles for all schools – Dec 16

As a part of our initial planning, we had decided to distribute bicycles at each school. We had done that exercise earlier but at a very small scale. The response from schools with those cycles were amazing.

Over 3 months back – sometime in September, we had initiated a special campaign for the same, wherein donation was received explicitly for this bicycle project. Appeal was made on website, our Facebook pave and also through Whatsapp. We collected donation for 40 cycles from our friends and supporters network.

We distributed these brand new bicycles which were brought from Alibaugh on 24th Dec morning  and we visited almost all the schools individually to deliver the same.  The kids were ecstatic and started riding those immediately.  Out of 740 odd kids, hardly 40 to 50 kids know how to ride the cycles. However, rest of the kids have started coming to school at least one hour in advance and started learning it. We are sure that within a few weeks, almost all the kids except for first standard would be able to ride it.  In a few schools, we gave extra bicycles for the kids, who go walking to schools, which are far off.

We are thankful to all our friends who supported this drive – individually donating it or spreading the awareness about this in their network. 

Our next visits would involve medical camps, Parents meet,  dam related planning and execution and Phonics workshop.

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