Nandel Pada – New School Inclusion

Nandel Pada – New School Inclusion

Early Saturday morning 120km drive to Nandel Pada, Vikramgadh was scenic. Team Suhrid visited this new school at on 21-Sep-13 to review and include under the support of Suhrid Foundation.

Team Suhrid met with students and teachers. Being Saturday, school kids had finished their mid-day meal by 10 and were eagerly waiting for guests. We were welcomed with beautiful bouquet of flowers (made by kids themselves). Team Suhrid distributed few toys and goodies to kids and welcomed them to Suhrid Foundation.

With inclusion of this school, count of schools supported by Suhrid Foundation reaches to 7 and number of students reaching 460!

School has 4 classes (1st to 4th) and 48 students from primarily 2 nearby hamlets/villages and is managed by 2 teachers. More details of the school on the school page. It is planned to kick-off Nutrition Enhancement project – SUN of Suhrid Foundation in this school on 01-Oct-13.


Team Suhrid also visited Janathe Pada school. Here team met with kids, watched their growth and progress. Teachers for all the schools supported by Suhrid Foundation were invited for a group meeting. Kids in this school were also administered with booster dosage of Tetanus vaccine.



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