KG-GP Medical Camp-Phase 2 & Embroidery Workshop

KG-GP Medical Camp-Phase 2 & Embroidery Workshop

We had our second phase of the winter camp on 20th Jan 2018.  We decided to cover Khandeghar and Guravpada.  Both the schools are very close to Vikramgadh with mediocre infrastructure.  Khandeghar is a smaller school with 49 students, wherein Guravpada has 85.

During the medical camp, it was observed that both the schools have been able to maintain the standard, which they had set in. However, they still have long way to go. Effect of the initiatives, which we had introduced such as de-worming,  addition of vitamins/proteins in the form of vegetables and eggs, Cleaning the teeth daily etc was very much evident. However, they showed signs of skin related issues, which can be attributed to their habit of not drinking much water, taking bath in not so clean water etc, which can be controlled only by parents. Number of cases of wounds – ignored for long – were quite less this time. Weather induced cough and cold dominated the camp. Unfortunately, the parents don’t attend the medical camp, which deprives us of the opportunity to address the issues at the grass-root level.

Parallel to medical camp at Khandeghar, set of volunteers also validated and refresh knowledge of kids for phonics. The result was satisfying and kids could enjoy refreshing their knowledge on phonics once again.

While one team of volunteers were managing camp at Guravpada, another team went to Kaspada. At Kaspada, we are training few girls on embroidery. Currently, it is preliminary training and practice of embroidery. Once sufficient proficiency is developed, we intend to give them final material which they can use to make good designs. Items such as bookmarks, table mats, laminated tea-coasters etc. can be made from that and can be professionally presented. The artifacts made by these tribal girls can be either given to our donors/ well-wishers or can also be sold which effectively can generate income for them. So far, we have had two sessions with girls and result is very encouraging with very enthusiastic response from the girls.

This project is currently done at Kaspada on trial basis and once successful, we intend to replicate this model at other villages.

The last picture in the photo gallery below is of grandfather of one of our school kids (Gotya). The gentleman has done work which no small farmer has done in the village so far. As you already know, majority of the tribals in this area do not take second crop in their fields once the first (and only) crop of rice is taken. This gentleman has used his small farm (less than a acre) for various vegetables using water from nearby river. He uses water pump to bring the water till his farm. He is very happy and enjoying new crop which is giving him good earning. He also gives vegetables to school once in a while – without charging anything. We really appreciate his courage and initiative and promised to help him further and want his help to propagate this initiative on larger scale with others in his village. We would help more people for any help they may need to implement this model.

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