Medical Camp – KP, TP & BFP – Aug 2018

Medical Camp – KP, TP & BFP – Aug 2018

In this last leg of our medical camps in first hald of year, we covered four schools from Kegva and Vehelpada.

Kaspada and Talyachapada, which are in the remote areas, compared to the other schools, had shown the maximum improvement in terms of cleanliness, hygiene, nutritious meal and disciplined life. We did see major changes in terms of their appearance, skin related issues and general health. However, the ear related problems and congenital eye problems in many cases were evident in this area.

There are certain problems, which need a permanent change in the approach.  Despite of us providing de-worming medicines, the kids end up drinking contaminated water at home and  parents are not able to enforce the cleanliness habits. We could observe recurrence of the issues due to worms quite often. Similarly, despite of providing medicines to address the issues, kids end up having bath in not so clean water, which results in recurrence of the skin problem.  The major challenge here is keeping the close eye on the kids, which can be done only by parents. Unless we have provision to educate and monitor the parents on regular basis, it would be impossible to eradicate the problem.

In addition to medical check up at Kaspada, a team parallely worked with girls of Kaspada on embroidery. Girls from higher standards (8-12th) are learning embroidery skills. Further session was conducted by Suhrid team. We plan to get professional artifacts created once they learn well, this would help them earn livelihood in their vacation period.

We would cover 350 girls from Dadade Ashram Shala in the next visit, which would be followed by Eye camp across the schools. Once the Diwali vacation is over, we would get the cases which require advanced medical check up to Mumbai for further investigation!

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