KG Parents Meeting and TPP Visit

KG Parents Meeting and TPP Visit

Team Suhrid visited Khandeghar and Toplepada on 16th Dec 2017.  In terms of the regular Suhrid foundation projects, both the schools are doing well. Both the schools get better support from the government regarding infrastructure as compared to the other schools. However, the awareness amongst the villagers is still not up to the mark.  We had earmarked Khandeghar as the second village, wherein we would expand our work. Based on the feedback from the villagers, we had planned a check-dam. Furthermore, we had discussed about creating alternate sources of revenues, wherein the villagers can utilize their farm land to cultivate more than one crop a year. Currently, they just grow rice and their job is over after the harvesting. They move out of the village in search of job, which has not allowed them to provide a stable life to family. At the same time, they could not take their standard of living to few notches up.

Apart from interacting with the kids, verification of their eye records, we also interacted with the villagers to remind them of exercising certain options to improve the quality of their life. While we could see a good compound wall around the school,  the teachers were not able to maintain the classrooms in good shape in the absence of sufficient storage space.

The infrastructure was in relatively better shape at Toplepada. However, the entire school was being managed by only one teacher. It was quite unfortunate to see that some senior kids (class Iv) were helping teacher take care of the kids from 1st or 2nd standard.

In general, we could see lot of initiatives related to eLearning from the government, which allows teachers to use advanced techniques to teach the kids. Instead, if the government focuses  on improving the infrastructure, cleanliness, teaching facilities, healthy meals and medical facilities then the results would be far better.

We would be starting with our medical camps from the next visit.  We have also launched several infrastructure projects related to water, ground leveling and compound wall in a few schools. We would let cover the same in the next report.

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