Palavpada School Visit – Dec 2018

Palavpada School Visit – Dec 2018

This time of the year, all the teachers and kids get busy with the sports related preparation for the tournaments. They all have to prepare for Langdi, Relay race, musical chair etc.  Our schools have done well at the district level. Apart from the guidance from the teachers, effort by the kids the nutrition provided by the foundation during the tournament and overall care throughout played big role. We had to make a visit to a school, which was not able to do well in the sports for totally different reason.

Palavpada is a very small school with only 38 kids spread across 5 classes. To make a team of 10 or 11, they don’t have sufficient number of healthy kids. They did participate but lost out. We paid a visit on 15th Dec, 2018. We had provided them facility of water management (Overhead tank, motor operated submersible pump) last year. Additionally, we sponsored the kitchen-shed, which was in bad shape. Despite of the effort taken by the sirs, they were not able to grow the plants in the compound or create a small playground in the absence of a good compound since animals have easy access. We decided to provide them a complete compound this year, which can change the face of the school. At the same time, we need good cupboards as storage. Teachers are not able to maintain the cleanliness in the room since most of the material is lying outside under dust cover. Overall progress was satisfactory.

Our next step was to meet the senior Janathepada kids, whom we were helping by sponsoring their tuition in English and Maths. The progress is below the expectation at this stage. The main problem is linked with the limitation in education system here. Kids are allowed to move to next class till 8th.  Regardless of whether they understand the basic concepts, they keep moving ahead and their limitations are exposed once they reach to high schools. The only redeeming factor is that a few kids have shown improvement since they get better clarity in the tuition. These kind of problems are common only when the parents are completely ignorant and don’t provide conducive environment at home. We have been able to create a good foundation through our teachers, who take care till the kid reaches 6th standard. From this point onwards, much more focused effort is required going ahead. Our immediate target includes the ear surgery for Kunal from Bahirampada, Parents meeting in select schools, Launching certain projects wherein the village ladies can work on assembling the artificial jewelry, promoting warli art and water preservation project at Barafpada.

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