Khand – Medical Camp

Khand – Medical Camp

Team Suhrid arranged a health check-up camp on Sunday, 14th October 2012at village Khand, Taluka Vikramgadh, District Thane – roughly 145 kms from Mumbai.

Camp was advertised 15 days before by putting posters in prominent places in nearby villages, announcements by Sarpanch (village leaders) in meetings and other sources. Before Sunday, team Suhrid had visited Khand village for the working out arrangements for the camp.

Team was divided in two – one for ladies and girls, second for boys. Team 1 included – Dr Lipsa Shah, Vivekanand Vadodkar, Nita Kanchan, Harsha and Pushpa. Team 2 included Sister Susmita Tembe, Dr Satish, Kanchan and Dinesh. Some of the male members of village also inquired if  they can they too can be part of camp as they too had some medical problems.

Findings from this entire camp was shocking. Females in the village had taken responsibility at very early age (early marriage), no family planning, pressure of household chores, working in the farms, lack of nutritional food (resulting in deficient mother as well as deficient kid!)….. They grew Nachni (Raagi), fruits like Papaya, Guava, Banana – but no one had those as their staple diet. Lack of calcium, B12 and protein – malnourishment was evident – further hampered with other bad habits like tobacco and alcohol.

Some of the common problems in females included:

  • early osteo-arthritis (too many pregnancies in early age, calcium deficiency)
  • depression & lethargy (vitamin B12 deficiency)
  • dysmenoria in young girls (calcium and iron deficiency)
  • loss of interest towards life (medico-social reasons)

Kids however had a pleasant experience from the camp with goody bag full of snacks, sweets and chocolates. Their happiness reflected on their faces. This also helped advertise camp with other children who had initially decided to ignore it. Volunteer Deven played a role of Santa Claus for these  kids by distributing goody bags.

Some of the common problems in kids included:

  • malnourishment (they are fed mother’s milk till the age of 2 – by a mother who is already deficient with essential minerals)
  • worms (poor hygiene)
  • low immunity
  • malformed and bad teeth (poor hygiene and calcium deficiency)

Camp can be termed as successful – as team could check 492 patients.

Sharing experiences of some of the volunteers in the camp

Vivekanand Vadodkar Ashish Patel

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