Chetan Tokare Eye Operation

Chetan Tokare Eye Operation

Chetan Tokare is a tribal kid from Kaspada in Palghar district. We generally carry out the first level screening for the poor vision at the schools only. Subsequently, the kids are taken to Vikramgad to a trained optician, who determines the actual number with refractometer. While it was evident that Chetan was not able to read anything at the school, we were shocked when the optician informed that the Refractometer is not able to get the correct reading since his eyes are shaking. We checked on internet and found out that this could be a case of nystagmus (involuntary) shaking of the eyes. On verification of his case by Dr Mihir Kothari at Thane, who is an expert in this area, advised us to get him to clinic.

He was first examined in Jan 2016. As per the initial findings, Chetan had nystagmus, weak optical nerves (partially inactive), heavy myopia and astigmatism. He was given the spectacles to correct the visual acuity. Additionally, he was prescribed drops, which were to be given after every four hours. Chetan’s vision improved from 6/60 to 6/24. He managed it in this manner for two years. He was able to read and write and even participate in sports.  Since this was a temporary solution, it was recommended that he can improve quality of vision by surgical intervention, wherein the eye muscles are treated.

He had to go through medical fitness test and finally the surgery was performed on 12th Feb 2019 at Jyotirmay clinic Thane. His head position would improve with the relaxed eye muscle. The null zone, wherein the disturbance due to eye shaking is minimum, would come in front of eyes and widen, which would give him more clarity. His eye shaking would reduce to an extent. Ability to read would improve and would manage contrast well.

It would take another 6 weeks to get the results. It was a great team effort wherein the members of Suhrid foundation, teacher and Chetan’s family coordinated well and got the best of the services (professional yet very personal) from Jyotirmay clinic and other involved.

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