Dadade Medical Camp – Jul 16

Dadade Medical Camp – Jul 16

As a standard practice, our first few visits in the session start with visiting each school, connecting with the kids, distributing starting kits and explaining the plans.  However, this time around, we decided to even add the medical camp at Arvind Ashram Shala Dadade at the start of the academic session. During this visit, we visited Janathepada and Toplepada schools, conducted medical camp at Arvind Ashram shala and visited our dam site at Kaspada.

Visit to Janathepada and Toplepada

These two are two small but well maintained schools at the east of Vikramgadh. Both the schools had classes up to 4th standard till last year. However, they have allowed the same to be extended to 5th standard. As of now, only teachers need to manage five classes. The meeting was attended by the kids, sarpanch and the anganwadi incharge.

The teachers updated about the progress of the kids, his plans about the schools and the challenges. It was a pleasant surprise for us that these two schools were ranked top two out of 236 in that area for showing hundred progress development of the kids. While both the schools are able to manage water very well, the villagers still don’t get the full benefits of the adjacent dam. We shared our experience of Kaspada dam with the Sarpanch and promised to get the experts in Janathepada post this rainy season.

We distributed seeds of mango, black plum (jamun) and jackfruit. Each kid was given a plastic bag and a seed. The kid needs to take care of it and grow the same to sapling, which would be then planted around the school.  The excitement amongst the kids was quite evident.

Medical camp at Arvind Ashram Shala

We conduct medical camp at Arvind Ashram shala for 350 odd girls every year. We also provide them ample supply of medicines for year-round for their medical kit. They have around 1150 odd students, out of which around 80% are residents. Most of the parents prefer to have their kids in Ashram Shala since it gives them continuity till 12th standard. Otherwise, the normal Zila Parishad Shala have classes up to only 4th or 5th standard.

Visit to Kaspada Dam

We have already published the story about the way we went about building our first dam at Kaspada. We did get updates about the dam being full through our teachers. We saw that the dam was not only full but water was overflowing. Probably, we may look at increasing the capacity next year. The reservoir was very big. The villagers were used to heavy monsoon rains. However, they had not visualized having such a big reservoir at their disposal. It not help the nearby area completely recharged. The kids and adults were spending too much of time in diving, swimming and having fun all over.  We are almost sure that we would be adding a few more dams in this academic year, which would help the villagers take crops throughout the year.

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