Bahirampada Palavapada Anantpur Parents Meeting

Bahirampada Palavapada Anantpur Parents Meeting

Team Suhrid completed the parents meeting session on 6th Feb 2016 by visiting Bahirampada, PalavapadaAnantpur and Palavpada.

Bahirampada is one of the villages, wherein despite of the constant involvement by village head, the parents were not able to get involved in the activities carried out by Suhrid Foundation. Though, they all attended all the meetings, they were not very forthcoming in their suggestions. It was a pleasant surprise to see not only very good attendance but also a very good interactive sessions. They expressed their gratitude and spelled out their requirements in future. One of the main limitations of this place was that the parents reluctance to spare time for their kids advance treatment. They would avoid coming to Mumbai with the kids. After sharing various success stories about the neighborhood villages, they have promised to provide full support.  Apart from the school specific initiatives, we also discussed the possible options of helping the farmers in creating water reservoir for the farming related work.  The meeting ended with us distributing the sports items and goodies to the kids.

Next meeting was held at PalavpadaAnantpur, wherein the kids / Parents from PalavapadaAnantpur and Palavpada were present.  Teachers gave a good account of the Suhrid foundation work since the inception. It was heartening to see the performance of young kids during the breaks. Parents spoke openly this time. They admitted that they need to have better involvement in the future events. They also insisted in us helping them sorting out the water related issues. Though they don’t have dearth of water, they don’t have mechanism to extract, store and distribute. We would be having our next camp around 12th March. Our doctors advised parents to come with the health records of the kids, who have some chronic problems.

Common points from the parents meetings across the school are as under:

  • Significant health improvement in the kids.
  • Better Hygiene and grooming. Very high Self esteem.
  • Kids imbibed good habits in terms of cleanliness.
  • Awareness towards diet and deworming.
  • Improved school infrastructure.
  • Nutritious and Tasty food, sports items, Books and good infrastructure make school one of the best places for the kids. Attendance is almost 99% in most of the schools.
  • Support from villagers have gone up. Suhrid foundation did not have to pay anything for labor in any of the projects.

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