Dadade Ashram Shala – Follow-up Medical Camp- Jan 2019

Dadade Ashram Shala – Follow-up Medical Camp- Jan 2019

The main objective of the trip was to conduct the follow up camp at Dadade Ashram Shala. We had conducted earlier camp in Sept for around 350 girls, wherein the main finding was linked with the skin diseases across the girls. The primary reason was linked with the hygiene. Girls used to take bath in river, wherein the water was quite contaminated. We made a provision of additional water tank to ensure that the senior girls take shower within the premise. Additionally, another NGO made provision for additional 10 toilets.  While this could address the issues related to infection, the girls reported different type of skin problems, which were more linked with the extreme cold and dry skin. Apart from providing the regular medicines, our doctors taught easy ways to avoid the skin infection. The kids were advised to apply coconut oil after shower to avoid these kind of skin issues. We would have our next camp in August 2019.

Support to Warli Art

Palghar is considered as the home for Warli art. Over a period of time, this art remain confined to only a few villages of Palghar. The artists from Vikramgadh, Jawahar and Wada gave up on this. We have taken an initiative, wherein we are helping a young artist from Janathepada to use his forgotten skills to effect. He has set up a small workshop with cutting, grinding and drilling machines. He makes good warli painting on the items, which we use daily such as tea-coaster, tissue paper holder, Mobile holder, jewelry box, tray etc. We are helping him out in promoting his business. We regularly visit him, provide ideas and direct him to the right sources. We would try to publicize his profile and painting on our site. Apart from he making a living for himself, he can not only revive this forgotten art but also train unemployed youth from that area and generate more employment.

Support to senior students in education

We did visit to Janathepada to assess the progress of our senior students, who are going through tuitions for select subjects. These kids don’t learn much in their school due to their inhibition in big class. While we have tried to provide help by arranging an evening tuition class for them, it may not address the fundamental problem. Due to the government’s policy of “No Detention till 8th standard”, most of these tribal kids keep moving ahead without having good fundamentals. As they move to higher standards, their problems compound further.  We may have to devise different mechanism to address this issue.

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