Barafpada-Talyachapada-Kaspada School Visit-Oct 16

Barafpada-Talyachapada-Kaspada School Visit-Oct 16

Based on the previous visit to Barafpada, it was decided to revive its borewell and make arrangement to get water in school for sanitation, drinking and plantation. The visit Barafpada was for confirming the school on the water project and seeking support from parents of children to the project. Support from parents and villagers was positive and project is expected to be completed before Diwali 2016.

Next school visit was Talyachapada, followed by Kaspada. This was a routine school visit to connect with children, see their progress, discuss with teachers on the new initiatives taken up. Children with some health issues (fever, cough-cold, ear problems) were checked and medicines were given. Some of the children also demonstrated their talents – in singing, dancing and story-telling. We would be uploading these very enthusiastic performances on the website as well as on the youtube very soon.

We provided children with various books which we had given to other schools. These books were story books, general knowledge, motivational and also arts (such as Origami). Children were very excited with books and did not even wait for us to leave before opening and reading the books.

We also discussed with teachers on the new project of bicycle in the school as well as for few deserving senior students passed out from school.

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